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    I've read about two types of memory cards for the Palm (650). A multimedia memory card (which is a SD) card I believe, and a SD card (?), which I read is faster than a 'multi-media card'.

    I have also reviewed the memory card database and speed (VSMark and or Cardspeed) and noticed much higher overall mark speeds than my current Palmone 512 Multimedida card, which rated a VSMark of 322. Other brands rated up to the low 700's in the database. A database similar to

    What I am interested in finding out is the following:

    Is there/are there more than one type of SD cards for the Treo 650, or are they just the same thing but process faster?

    NoOt-with-standing the speed differences from the VSMark and Cardspeed results, what is the opinion of you all who have changed out to a 'faster' card, with higher VSMArk speeds/Cardspeed ratings, in real life?

    Are the speed differences just a bit more snappy, but slightly, or noticably much more faster...

    How do the VSMark and Cardspeed faster ratings really compare in real life use of the Treo 650?


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    Hi Maria,

    You have to dig deeper into the VFSMark and Cardspeed results to get the whole story. As far as SD cards go, there are several brands that advertise 16X, 32X, all the way up to 133X the "standard" benchmarking speed of 150kb/sec. A 133X card, for example, advertises 133 times 150kb/sec, or about 20MB/sec.

    Whether the Treo actually takes advantage of these speeds or not is in debate. When looking at the VFSMark results of a Sandisk Ultra II card vs. an Extreme III card, the VFSMark numbers are very similar, but if you dig deeper into the results you will find that an Extreme III card has 3-4 times the write speed of an Ultra III card. In real life situations, like SD card backups, the speed difference is very noticeable.

    In other situations, like listening to MP3s, the difference is moot. The read speeds of most cards is adequate enought to feed the MP3 player without causing disruption. With the exception of the initial write of the MP3s to the card, the performance of most cards READING from the card for MP3 playing is sufficient.

    I personally subscribe to the philosophy that "faster is better", so I got the fastest card I could get my hands on. If your budget allows for it, that would be my recommendation.
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