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    Anyone know if gmaps (a java app for accessing google maps) can run on a treo?

    Seems like it would be a nice navigation system if the maps could be downloaded at a reasonable speed...

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    I am interested in hearing other peoples comments on this. I just learned of Google's Mobile GMaps last night. So, I did some quick searching and couldn't see why it wouldn't work so I downloaded the JVM from the Palm website and installed it and verified it worked. I think went to install the Mobile GMaps application using the URL supplied by Google, -- this didn't work, the installer gave me an error message. So I did some poking around and tried -- this DID install the application. I was then able to launch the application and permit it to use the network but I saw no maps. I did a search and that kind of worked, it returned some results (although not exactly what I was exepcting) so it appears network communication worked. BUT, no maps.

    Finally this morning I found the Mobile GMaps FAQ page -- on which it says "Not supported for unknown reasons: some Palm Treo PDAs". DOH! So they seem to know it doesn't really work. I guess I can keep my eye on it.
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    ^insert the shaft :/
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    I can also confirm the application is responsive and has a net connection but will not display any image or map.
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    Mine says that I don't have javascript activated, but the box in preferences to deactivate it in the browser isn't checked. Is javascript something I have to add to the Blazer web browser?
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    You need to install the IBM Java Runtime.
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    I emailed the developer, asking if Treo support was in the works.

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    I have the java download from palm and it still doesn't work for me.
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    Saw this on engadget a couple day ago:

    App seems to load but does not show map images. Hopefully the dev will release a fix soon as this would be a killer java app for the Treo!
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    Here's the response I got:

    From: cristian@x
    Subject: RE: Mobile GMaps - Problems with Specific Phone/Device
    Date: July 7, 2005 1:41:45 AM PDT
    To: me

    Well, as soon as possible, hopefully I'll add an RSS feed for the news,
    and I'll post there whenever new phones are supported.


    -----Original Message-----
    From: me
    Sent: Wednesday, 6 July 2005 11:02
    To: cristian@x
    Subject: Mobile GMaps - Problems with Specific Phone/Device

    Any idea when the Treo 600 will be supported?

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    Try this:

    It's a google location search for businesses that returns listings AND google MAPS!

    I use 'Wide Page Mode' in Blazer to get the biggest display for the maps.

    It's a start
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    The developer updated the app with support for the Treo!
    I have it loaded, but I'm still not seeing anything. I am using the PNG Conversion script.
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    has anyone got this to work??
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    Quote Originally Posted by TBRunner
    Try this:

    It's a google location search for businesses that returns listings AND google MAPS!

    I use 'Wide Page Mode' in Blazer to get the biggest display for the maps.

    It's a start
    Why not just use Directory Assistant for business/residential listings?? Also, you don't need to go to that "/lochp" directory to search for local listings if you prefer google. Just go to and type in: "home depot los angeles, ca" (as long as it's not the mobile version of google I think).

    Also, other great features provided by google are:
    (1) weather los angeles, ca - for the weather of your city
    (2) wedding crashers los angeles, ca - for the showtimes of a movie in your city
    (3) 379872038 - or whatever your UPS or FedEX tracking numbers are

    And I'm sure there's many more features of Google Local that I haven't found out yet.
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    Anyone have any luck with this yet on a 650?
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    I have everything set right, but its still not working...
    I emailed the developer, hopefully he can fix it in the next release.
    If you want to (try to) use the PNG Conversion script, its on my server at
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    Yes, I couldn't get it to work either. However, on that fellows site, he claims Treos are working? Back tothe drawing board.

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    Bummer. Anyone contacted the author since he ostensibly got Treo 6x0's working?

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    I sent feedback on his site shortly after the 1.05 version and the convert scripts were provided. I never recieved a response. I also asked if there was a message forum or such he frequented with discussion on this app hoping to find interaction there. I'm about to go fire off another feedback on his site now.
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    I left him a note too. However, he hasn't updated the site since 7/16, so who knows.
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