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    Hi team

    I am using registered Snapper Mail and like it.

    However everytime I do a hot sync my laptop checks Versamail for the Treo 650 and then puts any new messages in to the Treo inbox.

    I did initially set up Versamail when I got the phone and ran it "naked" for a week with just the out of the box items to make sure it worked well. It did.

    Do not want to completely remove Versamail just incase I have a problem with Snapper Mail.

    Thanks Raphael
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    1. Right click on the Hot Sync icon located in the lower right hand corner on your PC.
    2. Select "custom."
    3. Select "versamail." Make sure it's highlighted.
    4. Press "change."
    5. Check the box for "do nothing."
    6. Check the box for "set as default."
    7. Press "ok" then "done."
    8. Sync.
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    Thanks Igreenberg - dead simple instructions - and it worked

    Have a nice day!

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