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    hi everyone my mms client seems off after updating my treo to 1.13 firmware
    and i dont know why, it was just fine before updating .
    i put the same network properties and no way .
    plz little help here
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    Same here.

    I'm using an unlocked GSM on Orange in the UK and it looks like the Messaging application just tries to use the active network settings regardless of what they are rather than using the specific MMS settings. Evan manual selecting them in the Messaging preferences doesn't make any difference.

    If I change my network settings from 'Orange Internet' to 'Orange MMS' then MMS works fine but then my connection to the internet for email retrieval is non existant.

    I wonder how long we'll have to wait for a fix!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ihunter
    I wonder how long we'll have to wait for a fix!
    Not needed, after a bit of trawling around I've found the culprits on my Treo at least.

    Chatter Email AND TrafficStat both prevent MMS from working correctly when running on their own so having them both made doubly sure MMS wasn't going to work correctly on my Treo. Disabling them both solves the problem.
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    that didnt solve the probleme cause i dont have those software !!
    even if my phone is fresh (hard reset) the mms client is not working!
    i 've tried custome rom by adding the old mms prog. that comes with 1.23 fw into the new one but didnt solve the problem either
    plz help

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