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    Hi all:

    I am a new Treo 650 user (switch from Blackberry) and I am having a software issue. I downloaded KeySuite by Chapura and noticed after the Hot Sync that while creating a new email I could not select an existing address from the contact list. It would show the email addresses and allow me to highlight but when selected I would get a beep and it would drop back to the email with no address added. It would allow manual entry of an address.

    For the time being, I uninstalled the Key Contacts feature from the Treo and I am using the Palm contact manager and its working. Has anyone else experienced this problem or is anyone familiar with a fix? I am using the mail feature that came with my Treo on the Verizon network.
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    Must be in the Verizon mail program and it must only be tied to the Palm contacts. Chapura uses its own database. You should try the Versamail that is on the 650 disk. Not sure if it works like Snappermail, but maybe it will pull the chapura database. I know Snapper does and works great. It's just that you would have to pay for Snapper and the Versamail is free on the disk.

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