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    I don't know how the heck this happened but here is the situation:

    The way the green phone button is supposed to work is:

    If you press the green phone button it will bring up the dial pad.

    If you press it again, it should give you the last 10 (I think it is ten) dialed numbers.

    Another thing is if you type in a number then press the green button it SHOULD dial the number.

    Well press the green key while in dial pad just reloads the dial pad, no last call list.

    Second if I type a number in and then the green phone pad it goes back to dial pad.

    I don't know how I did this but can anyone help me?


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    search here for a file named resetbtn.prc

    See atatched
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    Didn't even know someone responded to this post....I was going to bump it!

    Thanks, I will try it and post back my results.
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    Thanks YOU !

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