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    Well, my Treo 650 has had 2 "terrible tumbles" since I bought it a few months ago. I've been using a Krusell Handit case. The first fall happened in this case, and the housing got a few marks, where the case could/did not protect it. The second fall happened when the phone fell out of the case while I was carrying it w/ the case open. I'm looking for a new case to try to avoid any further damage. I have been looking at the Inno Pocket hard case. Are there any other cases that I should look into?
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    I have this one and love it. The Swivel clip also protects the phone as it will move the phone as you move (like when you sit it will slide horizontally). So no problems thus far.

    As far as the phone in your hands, many people get the eGrips (but tub strips will do the same).

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