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    it seems like everytime I get a call and hit the ignore button on my 650 it sends my phone into a continuous reset loop. Has anyone else had this problem.?
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    I deleted that program a week ago, and I'm slowly falling in love with my Treo again...(though I'm still a little nervous everytime I take a call that she'll crash).

    I'm not sure what electricpocket is going to do, but they are having a very rough go of it as late. If you check elsewhere on these forums, there are numerous recent posts of people having all sorts of reset problems because of this software.

    There is nothing posted on the electricpocket website, either.

    I'm avoiding it like the plague, because it was for me until I deleted it.

    Try making sure you have the latest version, which at time of deletion for me was 4.394 as I recall. Best of luck to you.

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