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    I have mapped pressing option and the hard buttons to certain applications. For example, I have option and the green phone button set to launch Blazer. Usually, I can push option once and then push the green phone button and Blazer launches (easy for one handed app launching), but occasionally this stops working unless I push the option button and the green phone button at the same time (takes two hands). Anybody know why this is or whether there is a fix?
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    heh, I've always held option and then pressed the hard button
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    Most of the time it's not necessary for me to hold both buttons at the same time.

    Every once in a while I may have too, but ONLY if I hadn't of done the above fast enough.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    I use the "option, then hard button" quite a bit - it works pretty consistently when the phone is already on - doesn't work when the phone is off (i.e. the screen is off; not the radio)

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