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    Need an encryption program for my notes/memos, what is everybody using?
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    I used MemoSafe for years. But after I switched to my Treo650 I changed to a freeware version, Yaps. It has a desktop companion to view info on the desktop but that does cost. It does not use the memo(pad) database rather its own. I was having issues with MemoSafe with the new memo database.
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    Try Secure-It. You import the memos you created into it.
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    Try CryptoPad. It uses the built in Memo's for non secure stuff, and uses it's own encrypted database for any secure stuff, so that way no one could get into your secure info even if they synched it with a computer! It's open source and freeware.

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    I moved away from Cryptopad on my Treo650. When I would try to encrypt a new memo, it would soft reset. I started using Strip after that, but it's not really a MemoPad replacement.
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