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    Where can I find a current list of Creator IDs? The Palm website is of no help ( )
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    "PalmSource, Inc. maintains an official list of Palm OS Creator Ids." You'll have to request it from them directly.
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    I found a list of creator id's on the net somewhere and I've compiled it into a excel file. Obviously, I don't vouch for it's accuracy, so take it with a grain of salt. (I've already noticed some wrong entries.)
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    You can also try TrackerDog's website. It is a software version utility and it also maintains a CreatorID field in its database. Not as elegant as a listing of CreatorID's, but useful for current/up-to-date software.

    Check it out.

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    This thread is 2 years old now but the topic remains. Could somebody post a new link to a list of creator IDs? I come accross weird files on my Palm and I'd simly like to know where they came from.

    The Excel file posted here does not download for me and the link to Palm doesn't work (it's Access now). The TrackerDog site seems to not respond to requests by Creator ID.


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    There is a more recent CreatorID list over at Brighthand.
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    I found two download links on that page. Thank you detective
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    Could you post them here? I don't want to have to register there for just these files. I have enough login accounts already..
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    I am just now registering at Brighthand and thought the same as you.

    However the thread there is powered by somebody who is steadily updating those lists. The work that it takes me to upload it here would be the same as for you to (quickly) register there. Just use your same login/pass as here and wait for confirmation mail, then verify. Takes really just a minute.

    I might as well mirror the latest version here just for the heck of it - later - but no promise.

    In general it seems that there's no real "official" compilation of those codes and it's up to meticulous volunteer work so it's actually a good idea to centralize those efforts somewhere. The best would be a dedicated (private) website for that topic alone.


    Wow that was actually easy I never uploaded anything to a forum, so here ya go:
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    Thanks. I might register there .. It's just that I have registered at so many BBS in the recent months ...

    Hopefully, this thread will live on with some good folks posting the files here :-)
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