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    First, a very happy 4th of July to all. That is more important then this darn post.

    Got a treo 600 that I have had for about a year now but just started to notice vertical lines on screen that come & go but when they appear I can press on displaly and they go away (seems that the display connection is starting to have issue).

    Went to verizon store (my att contract is up 08/05) to check out the treo 650 for only $299 with 2 year contract. All I read seems to say verizon is a very good carrier to move to. Guy starts to ask me what apps I use on my palm to which I say mainly the memo, calendar, splash data (id and shopper) apps. I make a lot of notes on the fly at work and reference them as needed. He then ask me if I thought about the audiovox xv6600 (yes, dark side) model and then proceeds to show me the rather very nice display and the fact that it uses edvo bandwidth (600+ kbps) compared to the much slower 650 that doesn't support edvo. I was very surprised at how readable the web page was on the large vx display and it appears it would make surfing the web something one could actual do on that display (especially in landscape mode). Seems the price just dropped to $299 at the retail store for the vx model.

    Next I go to my job website and find our corporate rate discount for phones: 650 $349, xv6600 $289, i730 $439 (all with 2yr contracts).

    Never used the 600 for web access due to lousy screen and thought I would use the 650 now and again but if one takes into account the larger screen of the xv600/i730 plus the speed of edvo it is almost enough me make me want to make the switch.

    I do not wish to make this post a 'palm/windows' which is better discussion but would appreciate any input from users on the topic of screen size and bandwidth. I mean, heck if you do pay for data in addition to a voice plan won't it be great to be able to surf the web on a larger screen display and speeds faster then dialup?

    Also, if one wanted a larger screen on a plam pda/phone that could do faster data transfer would anyone have a clue just how long until a treo offered such features?

    I do not know much about data speeds for treo 650 models and different carriers though I guess a treo 650 and edvo is not a marriage that has/will take place anytime soon.

    Last, any input on good/bad comparisons between the xv6600 and the i730 would be nice to hear about should any of you treo users have used either of them prior or for trail periods.

    I like my treo, it is the best combo phone/pda or pda/phone since it blends the two together so very well. Still, a larger display and faster web access might make a 'not as good as a treo' blend of phone and pda something I really need to give more thought to.

    Be safe on the 4th and eat alot !!
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    It's all going to depend upon how much you will really use the web on the phone for versus the true one handed opeartion of the Treo650. The xv6600 and Windows Mobile Phone Edition does not support one handed opeartion at this point. In the upcoming release of Windows Mobile 5.0 one handed operation is supported, but as of yet I have not heard any beta testers make comments about the implementation.

    Yes, EVDO speed is very good an much better than what you can get on the Treo650. If your main thing is web speed and you have to use your phone for that I would say it's great. On other hand, I had an hp iPaq hx4700 VGA pocket pc last year and even with a 640x480 beautiful screen and WI-FI I found surfing on that screen tedious and slow. However, if you use a laptop and can get the xv6600 to work with DUN for the laptop that would be very useful and much faster than the Treo650
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    Walt Mossberg of WSJ did a review on the Samsung i730. You can find it on the web. Overall, a very good and balanced review. Also do a search here in TC and you should find many more info. You may want to consider Sprint as well, as it has the lowest data rate ($15).

    On a personal note, faster web access and larger screen are all good but I really don't spend that much time "surfing" on the treo. and I doubt the i730 will change that.
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    If you think you'll be surfing a lot, then the i730 might be the right phone for you.

    Remember though, that your device is a phone first. If the phone functions aren't up to snuff, then that will bug you more than the slower connections.

    I use Chatter, Verichat, and web surf bloglines mostly, and I really haven't felt hampered by the speed of the connection. Skweezer helps too. Speed will be nice if I wanted to surf some random web page in a more impromptu fashion though, i have to admit.
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    Motor: do a search for HobbesIsReal, he has a 6600 and loves it. He writes about the pros and cons all the time (and he owned a t600). Hes pretty fair and balanced.

    Ive played with the verizon 6600. I like it but had a hard time putting that thing up to my ear and talking on it for more than a minute or so. If I used a bt headset exclusively, well, maybe that would be workable. I just like the form factor and no-nonsense approach to the treo design.
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