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    I want to migrate data to a new user. My contacts have several dozen custom categories. I've tried copying address.dat and UiPrefs.dat to the new users address folder in the Palm Destop folder. I've also tried archiving the whole address database within the Palm Destop evironment and then importing the archive to the new user, but neither method restores the categories. How can I do this?
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    Ummm , Can you try this?

    Example. You have user like .. UserA, UserB
    You want to copy contacts from UserA to UserB

    Case 1. UserB is new user, and no old data on UserB
    Just copy Address.DAT from
    C:\Program Files\Palm\UserA\Address
    C:\Program Files\Palm\UserB\Address

    then Click Hotsync Manager / Custom
    Contacts / Change
    Desktop overwrite Handheld

    then Hotsync your Palm

    All contacts with its Categories will go to your Palm.


    Case 2. If UserB have its own data (have old data) , and want to append data from UserA

    Create Folder "C:\Test" with "My Computer"
    Open PalmDesktop
    Select UserA
    Select Menu View / Contacts
    Select First Category (Don't Select Category "ALL") example. "friend"
    Select Menu Edit / Select ALL
    Select Menu File / Export
    Export to C:\Test\A_Friend.ADA

    Do again with other Category
    Example . Category Business .. Export to C:\Test\A_Business.ADA


    Then Switch to UserB
    View Contacts
    Select Category that you want to append or create new category
    Select File / Import
    import from C:\Test\A_Friend.ADA

    do until finish.

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    Thanks for the reply. Case A only retains default category names. All records are present, but the hotsync log has warnings about missing categories.

    Case B should work, but I'm suprised I have to do them one at a time. Pretty lame for release 5.x of the Palm O.S. I was avoiding that, but it's faster than all the experimentation I've done.

    Have a happy.

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