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    I love autotext in GoodLink(actually I love the entire app ) but I was wondering if there is a way to manually override the autotext in some instances. For example, I have "R" and "r" to be replaced by "Are" and "are." However, there was a case where I was typing a colleague instructions and part of the instruction was that he needed to go to the options and then press the letter R. Every time I typed the R it kept changing it to "Are." The only way for me to correct this was to go into the Autotext options delete the autotxt for R and then go back to my message and type my instructions. It would be nice if I could hold a button when I type R to override the autotext. 99.5% of the time it's perfect but in the few cases there are problems.

    One other question - I read that GoodLink will make spelling corrections like changing teh to the. In a technical environment I'm always concerned that it will change a word or name and I won't realize it was changed. It would eb nice to know w/something like a blue highlight on any words that were autocorrected or autotexted in a message that you write and then give you the ability to override them before sending your email. Outlook has the same feature where it corrects for you but you have the ability to change it back. Does GoodLink have anything like this? I read the manual from front to back and couldn't find anything like this. Any chance for this being in a future version...I'd like to make a feature request.

    BTW, I didn't type in that other long GoodLink thread. I'm not sure of the protocol here on the board but it seems that various software is discussed so I didn't think there was a problem w/posting for various comments and feedback....apologies if I was wrong.
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    I'd like to do the same... I tried to send an email about "St Louis", and it changes it to "subject to louis" ... DOH!
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    you can go into autotext to delete the shortcut to to change st to subject but obviously then every time you would have to type subject rather than st. i guess it's a trade off. for example, i never type Sincerely so i changed sc to be South Carolina. it would be nice to have the flexibility to override the autotext in some instances rather than have to delete or change it.
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    You can change any of the autotext shortcuts. GoodLink does not currently offer auto-correct, though I do have teh as the in my autotext library. I will shoot it over as a feature request.
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    If you use MS Outlook 2003 it has an Autocorrect feature. It highlights any word that it changed. You can mouse over any word that it corrected and choose to change it back. It's a very cool feature. I saw this similar feature for a spell checker that highlights words in yellow that look wrong as you are typing. GoodLink could do something like this(an inline spell checker) and highlight words blue that were changed w/autotext. Anything that was changed w/autotext and is blue you should be able to hold the stylus down on and option to change it back. That would come in incredibly handy! =)
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    does anyone have a printed list of all the autotext entries. I can't find one on the web. It would be nice for Good to have a print version somewhere so I could look at them and pass them around the office for others to learn.

    Or enable the list to be copied on the treo. thanks.
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    oh, and there is an easy solution to the above problem. Just type another letter before or after the "r" and keep typing a bit. Then scroll back with keypad and delete the extra letter beside the r. Then scroll away. As long as you don't hit the space key, the autotext feature isn't activated.

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