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    I was in the Big Bear Lake area of California yesterday. The altitude there is around 7,000 feet. While there I was always on the Sprint network (never forced into roaming), had no problems at all using vision, e-mails, web, or chat via verichat...BUT...the entire time I was there my 650 wouldn't turn off! EVERY TIME I used the red button to turn the screen off, 15-20 seconds later the screen would just pop back on, only it would not turn itself off afterwards. I would hit the red button again and the screen would turn off, and then POOF...back on again.

    I tried doing a reset and then keep the phone in just pda mode, but it still wouldn't turn off!

    Today when driving back to Los Angeles, the moment I got down into the San Bernardino area the phone behaved normally again and has been fine ever since.

    Does this make sense to anyone?

    PS--Dutchtrumpet...I searched "altitude", "big bear", and "mountains" before posting this question, so hopefully I won't give you cause for your usual "search this forum blah blah blah" replies.
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    I've got a 600 and never had a problem at my old home (8500 feet)
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    perhaps the yetti was pressing down on your red key?? seriously though, that is a weird one. perhaps it is a pressure/ moisture/ temperature issue. maybe some weird network search auto reconnect setting somewhere?
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    I've been using mine at 7000 ft.(near Colorado Springs) Never had any problems.

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    I live in Denver (5280') and have used my 650 from sea level up to 14,000' (I was up Mt Evans recently). No issues at all.
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