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    Does anyone know what port Wireless Sync tries to use when pushing an e-mail back to the server after sending it out on the Treo? I'm having no trouble with incoming mail, I just can't send mail out, and no one at Verizon can figure it out.

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    I would think it's port 25. And I've confirmed that VZW actually doesn't block any ports.

    What app are you actually using? I am actually unable to Snapper on my Treo 650 because of it's inability to actually pass general authentication to my mail server - a common option many servers require (hey, it's a primary option in Outlook!). Thus I had to use VZW's outgoing server - so I'm right now on a trial with Chatter.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    I'm using VZW's wireless sync software - the way it works is basically you send an e-mail on your device, it goes to VZW's server, and then pushes it back to your Exchange Server to be sent out. It isn't port 25 - I've been checking my incoming connection log, and it never attempts to use 25 (but 25 isn't blocked regardless.) Has anyone had a simlilar problem to this and found a way around sending? I wish when the mail got to VZW's side, it just sent out using their SMTP server...

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