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    Hello! Just got a Treo 650, after having had a 600 for the last year and a half. So, I'm trying to sync it with my Mac, following the instructions on how to do an upgrade sync (that is, to essentially move all your old info from your old Treo to the new one, via the Mac). After a few false starts, I got it to work ... sort of: the new Treo told me that I had to reset it by clicking the highlighted Reset button, which I did, and now it is just continually switching between two screens: one that says palmOne, with a moving bar on the bottom, looking like it might be installing software, and one that says Palm Powered. I wouldn't be worried -- am assuming that it is just installing some software -- but this has been going on for a long time, getting on to twenty minutes now. How long before I just assume it is gong weird on my and I should reset it?



    (And why is Hot Sync Manager such a dippy program? I didin't have frequent problems with it with my 600, but often enough that it was annoying. Do people like the Missing Sync better? I mainly want to sync with Entourage.)
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    You are in a reset loop...

    Your treo is soft resetting over and over.
    perform a warm reset and see if you can stop the cyle. If you don't know what any of this means start by searching for...

    "warm reset"
    "reset loop"

    good luck
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    Thank you so much!! Unfortunately, several warm resets did not work - phone part worked fine afterwards, but as soon as I hit the Home bitton, it went immediatly into the same reset loop. Had to do a hard reset . I guess I need to find out which program on my old Treo the new one doesn't like.

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    My recommendation is (I know it's a pain but it will work)

    don't install any 3rd party apps just sync pim data.

    then install one app at a time.

    That makes it very simple to track down any issues.
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    Actually, maybe you can help me with this, too: How do I change my backup folder so that it does not install all those old third-party programs? In other words, how can I either empty that backup folder, or modify it so I can keep some of the prgrams it installs and get rid of others? I have a feeling that the old files that were Sprint software (new one is Verizon) may be part of the problem. I can't, however, find the Backup folder or figure out how to access it.

    Thank you!

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    Locate your backups folder and rename it to something like "oldbackups"

    I used spotlight to find my backups folder (if you have 10.4)

    the path was

    users/me/documents/Palm/Users/my hotsync id/backups
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    You are just awesome! Thank you so much!


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