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    Just wondering if anybody has used a skin case in conjunction with a case such as this one or similar..... Click Here
    If so.....does it fit nicely? Any problems taking it in out of the pouch?
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    It makes it difficult because the leather cases made FOR the Treo are set to sit a little snug.

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    Any suggestions as to any case/pouch I could use with a skin case??
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    Just a warning...............

    I use a skin case in conjunction with a balistic nylon case and the soft interior is a bit "grabby" with the skin. You have to give a good tug to get it out, and we all know what that could lead to if not careful. I would look for a case that has a slippery interior, so this won't be an issue.
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    I use a krussel horizontec s wide with a skin case. Little tight for the 1st 2 weeks then the leather stretches nice. Do a forum search and you will find a few threads about this subject.

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    Thanks for the advice.
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    try the seidio premium pouch case for treo 600/650-skin fit version.
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    How's the belt clip on the seidio pouch----does it have a ratchet system for rotating the phone. I prefer the ratchet system as opposed to some of the other cases out there that have belt clips that simply allow your phone to rotate freely without stops.

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