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    First, I do not hunt solely for freeware apps. I found these on and they grabbed my attention based on description - I'm more than happy to pay for apps, but I also want the simplest app that covers what I need.

    I've researched the specs of these, so now I'm looking for input "beyond" what they are designed to do. I.e. any reset issues? Any downsides to using them?


    Titrax v4.09
    Excellent ratings on this (though I gotta laugh at the reviewer who said, "The only downside is that I had to read the manual before I understood the interface..." Geeze...)

    Timesheet by Sankey v1.2
    A slimmer tracker.

    SixinOne Dictionary v2.2
    I hate that I live in an area where I'm "expected" to speak Spanish. I figure I should have something should I need to communicate during an emergency.
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    I've tried SixInOne Dictionary and I couldn't get it to run properly. Anyone else had any luck?
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    I used timesheet on my I500 and have since transferred it over to my 650. While it doesn't use hi-res graphics it does the jobe for me. My biggest gripe is that I have to use either the stylus or my finger to navigate on the main screen. The program is a very simple, intuitive and effective time/project tracker. The reporting is just what I need to summarize time spent for clients.

    Since it is free, try it, you have very little to lose.

    Hope that helps.

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