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    I am interested in using my 650 for navigation in my car as well as on the golf course. I have searched the threads for this but there is so much banter I can not find many positive posts. I keep seeing Tom Tom, but it looks as if they are not shipping their new bluetooth until August.

    Anyone have a good recommendation. I prefer to use Intelligolf as my software as I am already familiar with them.
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    I've had TomTom since mid-December. I'm very happy with it. You can't make/take calls with it running though.

    But the app and the tiny GPS recevier are awesome. I just used it yesterday. We got some really weird directions on how to get to a new motocross track (since we're forced to practice in remote locations). Once I got there, I marked it as a Point of Interest in TomTom and used its navigation to plot a course home. It shaved off almost 15 minutes from our 2 hour journey.

    I'm looking forward to their new version. I'm hoping it'll address the no-calls while in use issue and also allow me to plot directions directly from my contacts.
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    I use the Holux bluetooth with mapopolis. works great
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    You can't make/take calls with it running though.
    I am running the latest updates with tom tom 2004 and it will let me take calls while I am running tom tom 2004, no problem! When I get off the phone, I just have to restart tom tom, and it instantly picks up where I left off. Works very well, unless you need those navigation direction while you are in the middle of your call, then its time to pull over and wait!

    I never tried to run tom tom after I was already in the middle of a convesation, maybe that will work....
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