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    This issue is very annoying, and I am wondering if anyone has approached Palm with this problem and gotten an answer. My Treo 650 is with Sprint - and BTW I just upgraded to their ver 1.13a and the problem is still there. Palm won't take trouble calls from Sprint customers, as they refer you to Sprint (ha-ha) customer "service". I might as well take my Treo to my local McDonalds and ask one of the burger flippers to work on it. They'd be probably more helpful.
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    I also suffered from this same problems with my Treo 600. I think the problem is ptune. You might just have to stop using MP3, etc as ring tones if you want Reliable calls. It's really not point having a fancy ringtone if you can't even receive the call.

    I disabled phone technician, and used standard ringtones, and the problems is completly solved.
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    Well guys.. i have verizon and had NONE of these problems Till i updated to the new 1.04 firmware... suddenly... i'm now getting frozen screens.. i just got my first 2 "frozen" ringing calls. and now keep getting "you have to connect to the internet for this..." yes or no... out of no where.. nothing i have should be connecting to the internet...

    Looks like i'm going back to verizon i would rather have 1.03 old firmware back...
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    The only time I had this problem was when I enabled the Easter Egg. I was telling my friend about my lockup who also has a Treo 650 from Sprint. I told him I suspected enabling the Easter Egg caused my phone not to answer phone calls because of total lockup! He then told me (I didn't know) that he also recently had the lockups and that he recently enabled the Easter Egg. For us, looks like the Easter Egg is a thing we have in common that caused the lockups.

    We have since disabled the Easter Egg and have experienced no lockups when receiving phone calls. It doesn't mean that the Easter Egg was the problem, but it might mean that it conflicts with Chatter or other programs (such as Volume Care) that we are both running.
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    I know this is an old thread, but has anyone experienced this constant ringing problem with the 700p yet? Just curious...
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    The ringing and freezing happens to me very often. Any solution
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    Reset reset reset and if that fails take it back to where you got it from and tell them to fix it or esle they'll have to deal with me .
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    I had this problem a while back. The first one let me answer it, but it kept ringing. That was with phone technician (I think, it was some program from the same people that make butler). I ditched it, and the ringing stopped when I answerd it. Then, a month or so later, after I'd get off work, I'd check my phone and see someone calling, only I couldn't answer. The time was from earlier in the day too (phone froze). I deleted SharkMessage and haven't had the problem since. Although, no one has posted using that program yet, I figured I'd put it here, for future searches.
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    This was happening to me too. It was happening so often I ripped my silicone case taking it off to pull the battery to reset.

    So, I use DateBk5. I got a notice that an update was released (v5.4a s6) and loaded it.

    Voila! No more freezes. Don't know if you are using DateBk5 but if you are get the latest updater. If not I'd be seriously wondering!
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    mbaraz, thanks for the heads-up on this. I had emailed the developer of Datebk many months ago, because I had pretty much narrowed down his program as the culprit, but he said it had something to do with the way Palm software worked and until they fixed their issue, he couldn't do anything about it. Glad he created a workaround for this annoying problem! Sure enough, I read the release notes for the latest version and it addressed this issue.

    I tested it this afternoon and it works like a champ. Now my co-workers won't threaten to throw my phone out of the window when it freezes up again.

    My carrier is Verizon. If anyone else has had this issue, check out this update and good luck!
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