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    I used to have unlimited data Vision plan with Sprint but switched to the Cingular Family Plan when I purchased my Treo 650 because the wife had racked up 6500 in rollover minutes.

    Anyway, I just want to be able to browse the web and use VersaMail to check my POP mail accounts from my 650. Don't need to use the phone as a modem. Is the MEdia Net Unlimited $19.99 plan going to do what I want, i.e work as the Sprint plan did.


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    Yes, Media Net $19.99 (unlimited data) is just normal data. That does not include ANY SMS or MMS, you'd have to add those separately.

    I currently myself have the $15 plan for 10M, and separate MMS and SMS, it fits my needs.

    BTW, you can't tell them you have a Treo and get the MEdia plans, they're not for PDAs, but it's basically the same plan as the PDA Plan which is $45, so save yourself a lot of money. If they ask, tell them you have a Moto v400 or something that does email.

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