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    I have seen the post on the quick battery Drain but since the update , I had a few issues with that . BUT last night i went to bed and my phone was at 100% . Woke up this morning and it is dead.( phone was off)

    I pluged it in and it reset and started charging but after 2 hours it did not charge. Stays on as long as I have the plug in but when I remove the charging plug it goes into "batter low shutting down "

    I had to reset the unit a few times to finally get a charge . Hope this takes

    ANyone experience this issues since the update?
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    Exact same thing happened to me last night. Came downstairs - completely dead. When I plugged it in, I was in palm logo reboot hell....and now, no charging...
    This is ridiculous... Any ideas?
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    Question do you have BackupMan on to backup every night. Juts curious as when I put it in the charger it imediatly went to my automated backup at 4am ( it was 8 am)
    Other than that it just drained to nothing on its own.

    Reset it a few times . Mine is now charging again BUT I am not sure it will hold.

    This battery problem since the update was annoying , as posted in the other tread I have had a few days of minimial usage drain the battery to below 40% but this complete drain without using the phone is insane. I am so completley pissed.
    I wish i didnt do the update as I never had any major issues before i did the frigin update.
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    I have the same problem, my theory is that it might be a short in the charger. I wiggled the cord and I kept getting these little flickers on the screen. Anyhoo, most of the time I have to check the phone several times a night to make sure that I'm getting a charge, if I don't check it then I'll be stuck on whatever percent the phone was at when I plugged it in.
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    I too get am experiencing major battery drain. Before the update my phone would run at 99% for a long time after it is fully charged. But after the update my phone drops to 98% within 20 min. Strange thing I found also is when I reset the phone while it's at 98 or 97% it will go back up to 99%.
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    I switched to the dongle that came with my phone, for now. I realized it is my charger that is faulty, I'll be bringing it to SPCS and hopefully they will replace it... if they believe me.
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    Try removing the battery for a little while, then putting it back and charging. I have found that occasionally something gets confused and fails to charge fully. Other times, it reports a full charge when it's really quite low.

    Also check that all the battery contacts are clean and making good connections in the bay. There are two in particular which enable the smart battery communications with the processor that can cause trouble if they're not working.
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    AGain 2 weeks later it happened again. Went to bed at midnight and the phone was at about 95% and i woke up at 8am and it was 0% . Completly dead. This is so upsetting.

    Anyone who is having these battery problems know if getting a new battery helps.
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    There is a very lengthy thread on this issue. For some people, it involved thrid party apps that became corrupted after the update and continually to try to connect to the Internet, thus draining the battery.

    To stop them before you go to bed: try system> prefs> network> disconnect.

    To fix the problem -- read up in that thread.

    post #250 may be useful

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