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    Quote Originally Posted by techprincesse
    so now I am really waiting to get this logitech.
    Please let me/us know how the logitech works out. I think I may be able to try a co-worker's 660 out before having to buy one on the internet. He said he preferred the Jarba 250 over the 660. I wan't impressed with what I read about the Jarba 250 but since he said that, I stopped by a local stored and got one just to try it out.

    I'm glad I returned my Scala 500, especially since you've been through two. The positive of being loud seemed great the first day or two until the static became to much. I'm begining to think that there isn't an adequate bluetooth headset out there (based on the fact that the vast majority of people have seemed to try all different products). The Jarba 250 is charging, and I hopefully can try my co-worker's 660 in a few days. If those two don't work out, I'm running out of options so maybe the logitech would be worth a try. I'll wait to see what your impression was.
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    Wow, I was on a similar road and about to throw in the towel until I got the HBH-300. It solved my voice quality, and range problems and I am now a happy BT headset user. I even went down a similar road and tried the Scala before the HBH-300. I have an occasional headset connect problem, perhaps 1 in 15, but I can live with that.

    Perhaps you have a bad Treo. I am lucky enough to work with 4 others that I have brain washed, they have treos, so I can test to make sure trouble I have isn't my phone.
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    Does anyone know if a Wired Headset with a Mute button can be modified via software to answer or end a call?

    I was just wondering since my favorite wired headset only has a mute button.

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    FWIW, I've just about given up on BT. My 650 has rarely worked well with the Jabra 250v in social calls, nevermind being adaquete for client calls (and this is just in an office environment, and not outside, where I'd rather my cell phone let me work from . . .).

    In fact, the voice quality of my (sprint) 650 is crap in general. Very disappointing, really (even the cheap little motorola V66 I use as a backup/Euro-travel is far far better). I wish there were some alternatives, here.
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