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    Apologies if someone has mentioned this but I didn't see it in the thread. You need to make sure that your carrier has opened your phone to send and receive internaltional SMS messages.
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    from my experience cdma networks aren't international friendly. i had sprint 1st then t-mobile, then cingular.

    to send a text msg to another country when in the u.s. i use + (country code) (city code) (number). i.e. +55(21) 931-xxx-xx (vanessa aka halle barre in rio de janeiro).

    i can send a text msg to another u.s. phone while i'm in another country by txt to +1 (area code) (number). i.e. +1 212 461 9431

    and to send to another country while i'm in another country it's + (country code) (city code) (number).

    the same applies to voice calls.

    also i use takephone so it automatcially formats my dialing numbers based on the country code and area code i'm in, so i never have to alter my contacts. btw, my contacts are all (xxx) xxx-xxxx it automatically puts +1 or whatever in front. that's sweet.

    *please note the format of the number varies in each country. the best thing to do is visit a cell store or carrier website or travel agent (google dammit). before traveling.
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