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    Treo 650 latest firmware upgrade. GSM unlocked.

    Can't all of a sudden (couple of weeks) receive text messages sent from outside my network (Tel$tra Australia).

    Can send ok.

    Also text messages sent by overseas friends (Thailand, China, Indonesia) actually arrive at a point where they cause a soft reset of the phone. They do not end up showing on the phone.

    Replying to some local sms received also can cause a soft reset.

    Problem started before upgrading to the latest firmware, I did hope the upgrade would fix, but no such luck.

    Tel$tra provided a new sim card, but that has not changed the problem at all.

    Anybody else have these problems and has found a solution?
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    I think that you should Backup your System (Use SD Card or HotSync).
    Then HardReset your Treo.
    Try to send and receive SMS after HardReset.
    If it ok, use must check your software on your treo.
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    Thanks. That did it!

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