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    When i receive my email from versamail, it tells me that it's downloading. After it's down downloading my email, I go to check what's new, and there are no changes, my new messages don't show up. Then i try to get my email again, and it tries to get the same emails. It's as if versamail isn't receiving my emails.
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    I have the exact same issue....I cannot figure out what to do. I have tried changing the various options in the set up of the account, but to no avail. I have searched the Palmone knowledge library, and there is nothing.
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    I've noticed the same thing, I think what it's doing in my case is that I've set it up to only download mail from the last week. Sometimes Versamail seems to download old mail that I've still left on the server. Unless I look carefully, there doesn't seem to be any new mail, but if I look at mail older than a week, I find messages that shouldn't be there.
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    I am only downloading the last week too and it ALWAYS says i have at least 1 email to download. It "downloads" it and then there is nothing new. I just know that if it only says 1 new email, that means zero. Pretty poor program from what i have seen in the few days i've been using it. Are there better alternatives?
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    Exactly. Snapper is doing the same thing to me. But Versamail is what we're discussing here. I have a GMail POP3 account that I am accessing; Versamail starts to "handshake" with the mail server it says, and then freezes. It's highly aggravating, especially since email is mission critical for school, intercontinental communication and work.

    VersaMail, I beg of you - heal thyself.
    I love my Treo, but if this I-shall-not-retrieve-2K-emails-via-POP crap continues for another 48 hours, I'm getting a Blackberry. Seriously. And this is coming from someone who has been getting email on Treo's since model 270.
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    jack - Chatter time?

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    Can you please explain why chatter would work as an alternative to versamail or snapper with someone who has gmail as their primary server? From what I understand, gmail does not support imap. I am at wits end with the bugs in versamail and snapper only seems to download about half (or fewer) of my gmail. Does chatter offer some kind of solution to this?

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