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    I'm deciding between these two car kits. There are some really good deals on the Sony kit, so I'm leaning towards that. It sounds like the only advantage of the Parrot is the voice dialing, which I hear may not work so well with the Treo anyway. Any thoughts?

    Is anyone successfully using the voice tags with the CK3000? I have only seen posts about the Driveblue...
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    it looks like the sony is about $25 more that the parrot on

    for that price, I would probably opt for the parrot which includes voice dialing and voice commands on the Parrot side, which people have reported that it works very well. Do not confuse it with voice dialing applications for the treo 650 all by itself, which I have also read some rather poor reviews by forum members. These voice dialing/voice commands are built into the parrot kit. I have not used it personally yet, but I remember a few posts it which people have said that it works well.

    For an extra $30 over the sony, you can move up to the parrot ck-3100 which adds a display with caller ID, synchronized address book, carrier name. carrier signal strength meter, etc. You will have access to all of your address book contacts and call logs through the jog/dial interface on your dashboard. You would never have to take your phone off your waist/out of your purse/pocket. Its like having just your phone display on the dash.

    I have the parrot ck-3300 (big brother to the ck-3100 that adds bluetooth GPS/does NOT work with tom tom 2004/supposedly works with mapopolis)
    I am very, very happy with it. We had some problems early on, but most issues have been resolved with palmone/parrot firmware updates. I still have a few minor bugs here and there with my treo resetting, but I think it is the nature of the beast with sprints latest firmware update.

    ck-3100 right here at the treocentral store

    heres a good ck-3100/ck-3300 thread with lots of info
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    Thanks for the great info. I will just have to decide how much to spend. BTW, the Sonys are actually going for around $60 new on eBay.

    Is there any difference between the CK3000 and the newer CK3000 evolution. The only thing I can see is a newer looking controller with a volume control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmorgans
    Is there any difference between the CK3000 and the newer CK3000 evolution. The only thing I can see is a newer looking controller with a volume control.

    I have looked extensively for an answer to your question. I have received a response from Parrot today:
    The CK3000's voice recognition worked with very few phones, while the
    Evolution's voice recognition works with a lot more phones (more to the
    point, what phone are you planning to use with that kit?). The CK3000
    had about as many features as a Bluetooth headset, while the CK3000
    Evolution uses voice recognition not only for name dialing, but also to
    pick up and hang up the line, as well as discern between multiple
    numbers per contact.

    The dimensions for the Evolution's controller are approximately: 1 7/8"
    x 11/16" x 1"
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    Does anyone have any follow-up on a comparison between these two car kits? From what I have read they are both great models. I know that the Parrot allows for voice dialing and voice commands which I like, however I have an aftermarket audio system with amplifiers so I would need to use an external speaker with the Parrot. In this respect the Sony kit would be a very clean and easy install since it is designed to work with an external speaker already. There is no doubt that I could get the Parrot kit to work, however it will be considerably more work to install and I will have to buy an external speaker. Also that leaves me with a lot of unnecessary wire to try and stuff into my dash.

    As of now I am leaning towards the Sony due to its easy installation and it's pretty much guaranteed to work, however the voice features would be nice, but may not be worth the hastle.

    I forgot to mention that I have the Seido 2350 cradle mounted to my dash and I usually put my Treo in there when I am driving, especially long distances.

    Please, all comments are welcome. I would like to purchase soon so please let me know ant opinions.
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    Any comments?
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    I went with the Parrot kit and am very happy with it. The sound quality is very good. I don't use the voice dial much but the couple of times I tried, it seemed to work fine.

    I believe Parrot makes an external speaker that plugs right in, though they probably charge more than it's worth. I used a dedicated cell phone speaker that was built into my car.

    The area where Parrot really shines is customer service. They have knowledgeable people answering the email tech support. They exchanged my unit which I had bought on ebay and was probably out of warranty- sent me a working unit with the latest firmware, no questions asked.

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