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    So Chatter is great, i'm ready to go with fastmail and imap, etc etc. I did create a pop account along with my imap accounts (or folders as they're called). Anyway, I wanted to delete the pop account/mailbox, and did so using the Box/Delete Mailbox option.

    Now, every time i get a soft reset (which is unfortunately more than I'd like with the 650), the first thing the palm always "asks" me is "A mailbox named "mailboxname" appears to be missing. Reinstall it?" with the yes/no options.

    If I say no, it will keep asking me every time there's a reset. If I say yes, then it will ask me if i want to restore my chatteremail preferences. SO I say yes to that too. Then the mailbox is back. Trying to delete it results in the same thing i said before - being asked after every reset if i want to reinstall it.

    Anyone have any suggestion? I don't want this mailbox/account but can't delete it without getting the questioning at every restart.

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    Hi. I repsonded to your email... There's a simple workaround; just do a "Shutdown ChatterEmail" after going into Chatter; that forces Chatter to create a new "snapshot" of your Mailboxes. This is fixed in the next beta.

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    thanks marc - your rapid responses have been great - thanks for the great service.

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