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    With Thunderbird 1.02, the Palmsync extension works terrific! I can finally use my contacts with Thunderbird. I know the memos, tasks, and calendar are a ways off, but in actuality I like Palm's version of these. For my email though, I needed this extension. Also, if you don't want to use it anymore, you can just remove it without having to delete the Palm software and reinstall like you had to do in the past. Here's the link with good instructions:
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    Thanks for posting this. I used to use this for Netscape long ago.
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    Thanks Iawilson2! I did not know this existed. I've been using my imported contacts from Outlook Express since I migrated to Thunderbird...
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    You're quite welcome. With the older version of Thunderbird (0.5), it didn't work well at all, but the newest version allows it to work great.

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