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    There were a couple old threads on prices, but they were pretty dated.

    Can anyone confirm that the palmone part number of 1040NA is the unlocked GSM phone?

    Also, best price to purchase? I bought my last Treo600 from palmone directly, but I see newegg (who I have purchased several items from before) has it quite a bit lower. Palmone still shows $699 for the unlocked model and newegg has it for $559.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance,
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    go to and do a search....I think I saw one for less than $550.

    Good luck.
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    thanks... went there originally and that is where I got the link. $559 including shipping this weekend, so it ended up being the lowest.

    Can anyone confirm the part number as the unlocked GSM model?
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    I believe I saw a unlocked GSM on Amazon for $399 Yesterday.
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    If you really saw a GSM unlocked phone (with no service contract) for $399, please send us a link. I am sure more than just myself would be interested in that!

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