Does the new sprint patch allow DUN now? (so if I have bluetooth laptop, I can just turn on DUN via treo and connect to the web over cellular connect?)

I have been reading that bluetooth with JAHT (JBT-0402U Bluetooth Dongle) [i] or Kensington (Bluetooth USB Adapter 33085 ) [i] works well, but how well??

I also see a bluetooth USB adapter from lynksys (USBBT100 Bluetooth USB Adapter) [i] that has an antenna and is said to get up to 100 feet in range?

There was a comment from a buyer that he could use the Bluetooth from one side of the house to the other using the lynksys model. Can this be done with JAHT or Kensington? or is it the result of having an antenna?

Right now price isnt such a concern if I can get double the range. I have the monster VGN-A190 17"wide vaio laptop and dont plan on moving it. Also for future use, I wont need a dongle because bluetooth will come as an integrated part of my PC or Laptop, so I rather have longer range then smaller and cheaper.

I did see a dongle at Frys (like compusa) that was really small and only $30 (about the same cost as PDAnet) I was thinking of just getting that and not bothering with PDAnet.

I want to

  1. use a Bluetooth mouse w/ laptop
  2. use bluetooth with Treo 650 to:
    • hotsync
    • DUN for free access to the web on the road (cellular internet)
    • 'reverse DUN' for when I dont have a internet signal and need to check email etc at meetings
  3. Perhaps later on use a bluetooth keyboard on a multimedia PC for 'TV' web/computer in living room
  4. Bluetooth networking later on (if possible) on other devices that would need a Internet connection from a server

It also has to be at least as small as a MuVo or current thumbdrive size, since I would be traveling with it.

Any suggestions? Anyone try all of these out?