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    I have two Treo 600s with the same problem (yet again both my Treos have problems )

    It is the problem that many have faced where you try to make a call, it says "Dialing" and then drops to no service, or network search, then picks up Sprint again. This happens over and over again and I can't send or receive calls even when I have 2-3 bars.

    In searching it looks like this is a battery problem, but I'm on my last straw with Treos and before I go shell out even more money for replacement parts I'd like to confirm that a new battery will fix this problem. Has anyone else done this?
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    in older versions of the treo 600 it's some kind of hardware problem i believe. i had this problem early last year when the phone was still relatively new and they replaced my phone with a hardware revision C. if you hit MENU on the home screen and go to Phone Info look what version your hardware is. if its A or B it maybe the hardware
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    Ok this may be it - I have Hardware B on one of my phones (other is out with my wife) thanks for the heads up.

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