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    I was using chesseverywhere and I loved this program because I could play people 24/7 on the and chess servers from my phone, but the developers pulled support the end of june so the app doesn't work anymore, would a developer be interested in creating a chess app that could play wirelessly via an internet connection?? thanks in advance, hope a developer takes interest in this, I know you'll have a following for this....aahhh!!
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    well an app called championship multiplayer chess is out at but its on there own server. i logged on there network and out of the whole 3 day trial there was no one on there to play(out of the whole 20+ times i checked), so this serves no purpose whatsoever, i wish this app worked on popular chess dedicated sites, well maybe someone can update chess client to work properly with the treo 650.
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!

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