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    Hi all

    Greenie to the forum and Treo/Palm OS. Just bought a SD Ultra II 1 Gb. I am able to save apps and music files onto the memory disk. Files I either hot synced or saved directly from the net can be seen with FileZ but when I go to the launcher and use the scroll down menu in the top right corner and select the SD disk, NOTHING shows up on the screen.

    I have tried to reformat the disk 2x now, popped it out, popped it back into the card slot, even did a soft reset, but I still have the same problem.

    Is it the disk? Is it the phone? What am I doing wrong?

    I appreciate any help I can get.

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    The Palm Launcer seems only to show apps (.prc files) that were moved to the \Palm\Launcher\ folder using the Launcher to do the move.

    Launcher is not a file manager. It's designed to show only program files that can be run from the card. If you install an app into memory, and then use launcher to move it to the card, it should show up fine.
    Bob Meyer
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    [QUOTE=meyerweb]The Palm Launcer seems only to show apps (.prc files) that were moved to the \Palm\Launcher\ folder using the Launcher to do the move.

    Thanks for replying MeyerWeb but.........

    How does one "use launcher to do the move" an application?
    When I downloaded this particular .prc file, it did not show up on the launcher screen. I am here assuming that the launcher screen is the one with all these different "buttons" where I can excess Veramail, memopad, media, prefs, messaging etc.
    A friend of mine beamed me FileZ and helped me move this .prc file from the palm's "internal" drive to the SD card. He also moved a music file I hotsynched using FileZ into a folder he created called specifically "SD_Audio". He said that unless this folder is named as such, music will not play on Real player (which I found as not true because Real Player immediately recognized the music file after hot synching). BOTH these 2 files are UNSEEABLE when I use the scroll down menu and select the SD drive, i.e. nothing is there in terms of icon or file name when I select the SD card in the launcher window with all those diff little buttons I mentioned above.

    I heard it can be a problem with the phone, juding from what I've been reading in these forums but I am hoping it be, rather, my own ignorance.

    Still confounded


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