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    Has anyone notice that if Treo receives an incoming call during Hotsync, it will hang for a while and then reset itself? I experieced it repeatedly with my unlock GSM Treo. Anyone has this experience? I couldn't find any KB or manual saying I can't receive call (or turn off phone) during Hotsync...

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    Play it safe. Just turn phone off during hotsync.
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    Noticed it for the first time the other day.
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    this may be a corrupt PhoneCallDB file, back it up first then delete it using filez and see if that helps.
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    No, this doesn't help.

    Just received reply from P1 support saying I need to turn off phone before Hotsync.

    They should have it written in manual...
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    If turning phone off during hotsync is required, P1 should turn it off automatically during the hotsync process and re-enable when finished.

    Another item for next update.
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    Updated, unlocked GSM. If I call my phone during a hotsync I get a recorded message on the carrier's system telling me the phone is busy and to try again later. I am on Chinamobile in Beijing.
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    i've been doing hotsyncs for the past 7 mo with the phone off, never had any resets. it is hard to believe that only your needs the phone to be off. Try deleting unsaved pref (back it up first).
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