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    Has anyone had success running Trackpass on a TREO 650? Trackpass provides a "realtime" display of the race using a web browser and Java. I have had no success using Blazer, Websphere Java engine or iPanel. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would be interested in this too. I am a NASCAR nut.
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    Nope, and I don't think we can.

    NASCAR to Go is the solution, but they focus on Windows devices and last time I talked with the Vendor (was a year ago) they had no plans of Treo support (Palm app or something that runs in Java)
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    that sucks
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    Here is the reply I received:
    "Unfortunately at this time we do not support the Treo 650 handset, nor are we currently developing one. We will take your e-mail into consideration though." -

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