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    I want to be able to obtain my email on my handheld using the Hotsync Option and or the wireless option. If you read the FAQs from P1ís site they are kinda unclear on where they stand on the issue. The way I read it is that my OE or OL picks up my Hotmail then it will be included in the HotSync. Am I reading this correctly?
    Is VersaMail 2.7 the only way to go?

    With the two statements below what is P1 trying to say?

    "Does VersaMail support HotSync mail?
    Yes. VersaMail supports Windows PC HotSync mail directly with a POP or IMAP server. VersaMail also synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, a local Lotus Notes mail database, or Domino server mail.
    Can I access my AOL mail or Hotmail using VersaMail?
    AOL Mail: Yes, AOL provides IMAP access for AOL E-Mail. VersaMail can be configured easily to retrieve your AOL E-Mail. Please refer to AOL support for the Open Mail Access settings to use. AOL online support
    Hotmail: No, Microsoft does not use industry standard mail protocols. They block access to their email systems by third-party applications. To access Hotmail, you can use a web browser to the URL:

    Thanks i advance for your help!!!

    Mikey Cairo
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    I use Aileron for my Hotmail and my Yahoo. It's great, you can tell it to go get your email from anywhere as much as you want. I have mine set to retrieve my Yahoo and Hotmail every 45 minutes. There website is, you're gonna want the Personal Access not the Enterprise.

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