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    Alright, I have finally gotten some time to sit down and rework through my guide. I am now up to version 0.4; which means that I still consider this a work-in-progress. If you find any spelling/grammatical errors or find something poorly worded, please let me know so I can update the guide.


    background: I know that there are easier methods of ripping dvds than what I present in my guide. What I hope to accomplish is to help familarize people with more powerful methods of ripping dvds. I want this guide to be the first step in allowing people to have more control over the movies that they put on their treo, whether they want higher quality, smaller file sizes, or want to try out the latest codec that's being raved about.

    In the guide I use virtualdub, this program has a lot of flexability and allows for any codec to be used. I chose to use a two-pass xvid encoding as setting up a two-pass encoding is one of the trickier things to do. The suggested values are more geared for Treo650 users, I still use lighter settings than what tcpmp can handle, so if you want higher quality than what this guide results in, there is plenty of headroom for it.

    As always thoughts and opinions are welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo
    Is the site working? It takes so long to download that I gave up.
    Site loads fine for me.

    Tutorial is useful, but I need to free up some hdd space before I can give it a whirl...

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