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    hey gang

    just wondering. Quite often when I'm in datebk4 and then click on the applications (house) icon, a dialog box comes up to tell me to do a reset, soft not hard. It doesn't happen all the time, but very frequently, and it is particularily annoying.

    Does anyone else suffer from this and is there a solution to it?

    Thanks a lot
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    I have the same exact problem. I was using version 4.0c. I disabled all the apps button and it still crashes. Sometimes I even have to do hard resets!! Thank god for backup module. I'm back to using the Datebk 3.
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    I've never had this problem with Datebk4. I am running version 4.0c.
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    I've not had any problems with Datebook 4 on either my Visor Deluxe or my Prism.
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    I have not had any probs with DateBk either. I am using 4.0b though.. What is the difference?

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    I sometimes get an 'Error Saving Appointment" error when moving from creating an appointment to some other task. This requires a soft reset. It doesn't happen all that often though and the power of this program makes it easy to bear the little crashes now and then. For me anyways. I'm running ver. 4.0c as well.

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    I'm having trouble too with datebk 4.0c.

    I've been trying to enter a new to-do in the "today" view using the "new" setting and selecting new to-do. The next thing I have is a fatal alert which says "DayViewSelectNewrecord >100 recs?!" and asks me to reset. When I hit reset, the next screen says "Table.c, Line:3855, Invalid parameter" and then another reset, taking me back to the palm screen.

    Does this mean that I cannot have more than 100 to-do's for the day? Since I use it for everything -- business, family, volunteer stuff, etc. -- I will often need more than 100 to-do's.

    Any thoughts?
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    If you're sure that you're not doing anything wrong (i.e. you've rtfm), then I'd just go to Mr. Dewar's site and ask him... especially if you're running it on a Prism or Platinum where the HS OS changed. 4.0c has been out for a small while to allow for use on IIIc's, but I imagine the Prism is a slight bit different.

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