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    Just throwing a question to the wind here. I use both Sprint & Cingular (being a sales agent for both) and can't decide which carrier to use for the 650.
    I've had Cingular 650 in the past when it first came out and returned it after the low volume issues ( pre-volume care).
    Is one having more issues over the other?
    I get the data plan for free with my Sprint account (have to buy the phone out-right though to get the employee plan).
    The GSM buzzing drives me crazy as I use the phone next to my computer mostly, but I like Cingulars coverage as opposed to Sprints.
    I guess the real question is: Has one carrier model been a bit superior over the other using the Treo 650 (resets, volume, ect...)??
    Just trying to make an informed decision since I have to buy the unit out-right to get put on the employee plan for either carrier.
    Thanks to all in advance.
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    Well...being a sales agent for both Sprint and Cingular you should know that Cingular SUCKS and Sprint ROCKS!!!

    But besides that fact...Seriously though, Sprint quality and coverage really is better in my hometown. I was curious about how strong the radio is in the 650, so I started a poll found here:, which pretty much shows the quality/coverage of CDMA networks is better than GSM. I didn't have enough room to add T-Mobile service on there, but people seem to be pretty happy with it -- surprising to me, considering how T-Mobile has such tiny coverage area.

    Anyway...excluding coverage and quality, you're left with prices, insurance, and customer support. If you get the data for free....why would you even possibly consider paying $40/mo (or whatever ridiculous price they charge) for data??? Dial-up speeds in your pocket are worth about $20 to 25 to me, not twice that price. Being a sales agent of Sprint, you'd also know that the fair and flexible plan is the best plan on the market today.

    Next comes phone insurance which you NEED - Cingular doesn't provide it; Sprint does: $5/mo with $50 deductible. BUT...according to this thread:, Sprint's insurance company is not the best way to go for insurance.

    And finally you've got customer support. Dunno about Cingular, but Sprint USED to be horrible. They're making progress, and considering all the cost's worth it to me to talk to somebody who can't read or think outside of a script.

    Any bugs or quirks you've heard about have been resolved for the Sprint phone. You might or might not have to update the ROM to version 1.12 yourself. As far as hardware goes...the phone's got an extremely solid build, you won't be disappointed.

    EDIT: If it were possible to get both data plans for free...I maybe just might consider the Cingular phone because of EDGE....but even still, I'd have to try both of 'em out for awhile.
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    Thanks for the reply,
    I do understand both carriers. But I was wondering about the device itself and how it operates on either carrier, not the carriers itself.
    I do prefer Sprints network (usually have my Cingular phone forward to my Sprint phone) I do not worry about plans since I have an employee plan so Fair & Flexible or Free & Clear do not apply to me.
    I was just throwing up the question to anyone who has used the Treo 650 on both carriers to compare the performance of the device itself.
    Thanks for the links info.
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    I would go with Cingular because it has EDGE. But Sprint is much cheaper and it's what I have.
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    EDGE is inferior to 1xRTT from Sprint...go SPCS. I just tried a Cingular Treo. I love the SIM concept, but the tin like sound of voice on GSM and the hit or miss coverage in the DC Metro area sent me right back to SPCS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Webby
    I would go with Cingular because it has EDGE. But Sprint is much cheaper and it's what I have.
    I heard somewhere that EDGE is nowhere as fast as Sprint or Verizon's digital networks.

    I have 2 Samsung Sprint picture-cellphones. I do a LOT of picture-emailing..those 1.2M pixel images (~330k a piece) get sent in like about 30secs!! Those 15s video clips are also ~330k..same thing: 30 secs!

    The picture-emails on my Cingular Treo 650 take longer. When I was in Baja Mexico, the picture-emails were LIKE PULLING TEETH!

    [ that video of that race-truck was done with a Treo 650!! Who woulda thought, that a picture-cellphone would be used for racing ]

    They took longer (than in USA), & sometimes failed.

    [ my bill for Mexico was over $300, over 122 picture-emails. Cingular told me that the charge for picture in Mexico was $1.35..then another rep said the charges were like if i were in USA ]

    In USA, not really any failed picture-emails.

    I got the quad-band Cingular Treo 650 *expressly* for Baja use (& travel to othe foreign countries, like in Africa).

    Yeah, if not for the above, I would go for the SprintPCS Treo 650. SprintPCS has an unlimited picture-email plan. Verizon doesn't, nor does Cingular. However, Cingular has rollover minutes..which is good for me. (I've been hit with overage charges on SprintPCS)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericroberts
    Just throwing a question to the wind here. I use both Sprint & Cingular (being a sales agent for both) and can't decide which carrier to use for the 650.
    I just switched from Sprint (the boss never did like Sprint, but I loved it) to Cingular (which the boss also hates, but it seems to be fine to me). My biggest issue is the data plans for web browsing. Sprints was priced much better, but Cingulars is faster. I guess it depends on what you are looking for.
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    I had the Tmobile Treo600 for a year and 4 months and I got a 650 from Cingular which rebooted a least three times a week and i was still more satisfied than the 600. I switched to Verizon Treo 650 and is very pleased that i also bought one for my wife, and she is most happy with it. The Verizon version is much better the Cingular version. Now i know why the commercial says, "can you hear me now", because I have excellent reception all over Jacksonville and no dropped calls are a wonderful thing. I bought the second version from Verizon which has most upgrades included. The memory problem has been solved and Versamail works as promised, no repeated reboots. The Cingular Treo 650 has horrible but better than Treo 600 by far.
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    Sprint has god coverage in Houston if you get the free roaming plan (+$5). Data service is cheaper. They update the ROMs earlier.
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