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    Is there a way to import calendar event categories in entourage to my treo 650? I'm using microsoft 2004 and every time I input a new event and do a sync, it transfers as an unfiled category and so I have to manually input it.

    Also, events that span several days transfers as a single day and there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it, even manually.

    I'm testing this for my company before we purchase several others. Looking at all the different kinds of problems others are having, I know this is not such a big deal. At least it syncs, right? And I can go in and manually fix it. But I really want it to work the way it's supposed to.

    I hope there's a fix out there or I might just have return mine and we'll wait until something comes out that works. Thank you.
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    ^ Regarding multi-day events or events that span multiple days in Entourage, the only thing that I have found to overcome this "quirk" is to create a daily reoccurring event that ends on a specified date.

    The problem you are having with event categories has no work around that I am aware of.

    Supposedly, Microsoft is releasing and update for Office 2004 soon, I don't know if the sync issues will be corrected, but one can hope, right?

    I actually stopped using my Mac for PIM altogether because of the reasons you mentioned above and others. I now use my PC at work running Outlook 2003.
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    Thank you for your suggestion regarding multi-day events. It worked!

    Now, with regards to the event categories, it's not a problem for me personally. Like I said, at least I could go in a fix it manually. But for others in my company, it might not work. Hopefully, Microsoft will indeed address this issue. Thanks again.

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