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    So after enduring the apparently endless personal hell that is know as "waiting for CallFilter," I've given up and started giving other apps a try. After reading the feedback (or clever viral marketing..) on mRing, I was willing to give it a shot.


    Despite supposed support for MP3 w/out ptunes on the 650, mRing fails to see the Mp3 files I've placed on my SD. As such...hi...back where we started.

    Soooooooooooo, since I'm guessing customer support will get back to me after my trial is over given the holiday weekend, I was hoping someone out there could help me.

    Do they need to be in a special format? Is there a particular naming convention that makes this proggy happy? Do I need to do the happy dance and stand on one leg?

    If you've encountered and conquered this problem, do let me know.

    I have zero custom software on my machine, and zero clue why mRing refuses to stop with the sucking.

    Help! : - /
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    in the app installed in ram?
    what version?
    2.8 works fine for me with *.mp3 naming on Sd card in /AUDIO folder

    2.7 I had some prob if the mp3 was not 96kps and/or had an album cover embedded
    2.5 needed pockettunes installed in ram
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    I tried putting it in the RN_AUDIO dice. It will play in my MP# player, but is not seen by this program....argh.
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    So is 2.8 stable? I upgraded from 2.5 to 2.7 a few weeks back and it caused several random resets a day.

    Jackswastedlife - Try putting your mp3's in a root folder on your SD card named 'Audio' (not RN_Audio) and check if it will see them.
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    Yeah..I did..and it did the trick...thanks.
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    I have had no problems related to 2.8 and I installed the day it was released

    GSM 1.28

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