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    hiya -- i installed the updater a couple weeks ago (when it first came out) and a week or so later i wanted to send an email from my phone (don't use this tons -- have a sep. client for work stuff) and it crashes on start up -- resetting the phone.

    i've already synced -- so if it's the db's they're on the backup -- suggestions?
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    I've had this happen before and it turned out to be something funky on a recently downloaded email. The best way to resolve this is to clear out any emails on the server that may be causing this issue and then re-setup your Versamail accounts (including clearing out your Versamail folder on the PC you sync with). However, check to see if deleting a few of your recent emails on the server resolves you issue before you do a wholesale cleansing of your Versamail files.
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    Here's a link that'll explain how to fix that. that problem seems to happen a lot with mine,/?St=40,E=0000000000092265109,K=5106,Sxi=10,Case=obj(36541)

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