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    I'd like to have a case that clips onto my belt (mostly agnostic case style), but which also can be removed from my belt and flip open in a way that I can open it on a tabletop and read a scrolling piece of text, e.g. using the ReadThemAll application, without touching or holding the Treo. The easel's support doesn't need to be that strong, since I won't be pushing buttons, using the stylus, etc.

    The idea is to read while I eat my lunch.

    Does such a beast exist? I thought I saw something a few months ago, but now can't find it.

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    I've done that a couple of times with my Piel Frama. It's not great, but if you open the flip, and attach the magnetic flap backwards to the phone, it will stand up. The problem for your use is that it stands straight up. You can't get much of a tilt.
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    Check out the picks on the new magnesium case from innopocket (on forum). I believe you can stand it up and it clips to your belt.

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