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    Does anyone know of software (commercial or otherwise) that supports memos greater than the 4K limit on the 650, and also has an easy way to synchronize them with the PC? I have seen programs like Memo Plus which enhance memo capability, but have the same 4K limit as the built-in memo program, and programs like Text Memo that do not have a 4K limit, but have no PC component to synchronize to.

    EasyNotes seems promising, plus has lots of extra features, but also appears to be very unstable on the 650. I also saw another program which lets you break the 4K limit, and will save your memos on the PC side, but does not allow you to edit or change the memos on the PC side, only on the Palm side. Is anyone aware of a program which breaks the 4K limit and syncs to the PC as well as the regular Palm memo program?
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    I use the standard app and break them into 2 parts.
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    I do the same (or 3 or 4 parts) but if I know in advance it's going to be a long memo I use Word to Go. No limit there.
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    When I hit the limit, I also copy it to Word & have it on Docs to Go
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