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    I prefer not to have any system sounds on my Treo, so I have chosen System Volume to be "off" in the Prefs application. However, after half a day or so, the system sounds are back on. When I go back to in the prefs application the System Volume is set to Off, but to get them Off for real I have to activiate System Volume and then set it back to Off. I go through this routine every other day; whenever I can see that the clicking sounds are distracting people.

    I have the latest firmware 1.28 on PalmOne branded Treo 650.

    Are others having the same software malfunction? Is this an error in the firmware?
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    Have you had a soft reset just prior to the sounds coming back? A soft reset may somhow reset that without removing the visual setting from "off"?

    Just guessing.
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    this is a known problem if you are using keycaps (even the 650 version). My advice is to get profile care from it takes care of the sound issue plus tons of other little things
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    I have the same problem. I'm veturing a guess that a sound-using application is what's re-activating the sound. Realplayer is a culprit, as is just about any other sound-using application that overrides the sound setting.

    I'd sure like to see a fix, and am disappointed that 1.28 doesn't have it.

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    I'm not using keycaps. It probably is related to soft resets though.
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    Actually, the problem is NOT caused by system resets.

    When I soft reset my Treo, the system sounds don't automatically come back on. So I don't know what is causing systems sounds to jump back after a day or so, but that the Treo cannot retain this setting is not caused by a soft reset.
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    I FOUND THE BUG: I hardreset the Treo (thus erasing all installed software) to make sure the problem was not caused by third-party softs. I then set system sounds to "Off" and verified that the Treo was no longer clicking when I move the cursor.

    - Soft reset: When softresetting the treo the system sounds stayed off.
    - Turning the Phone Off and then back on: YES, after turning the phone off, the Pref app loses the setting for system sounds (although still showing “Off” in the Pref window). This explains why the system sounds would come back on at certain intervals: whenever I turn the phone off or on.

    This is DEFINATELY A BUG in Palm's software. That the phone application has influence over the prefs application could also make one suspect that the Palm software is not that clean, structured as argued by some. It may also show that the pavlovian reaction some Treocentral members have of jumping to the defense of Palm whenever somebody mentions an error by claiming that bugs in Palm OS are caused by third-party apps and not by the Palm OS itself should be more cautious. I had experienced such comments in some other threads and I do not find such a defense of Palm very constructive when there are obvious bugs with the device. TreoCentral should remain the prime forum to discuss improvements for the Treo and not succumb to a paranoiac fear of criticism.
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