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    i love the program chesseverywhere and used it everyday because i could play people around the world online 24/7, on the or game servers ,came in handy workin 3rd shift. i emailed support recently because the game stopped workin and they informed me that they were pulling support from the game at the end of june,and would'nt be updating the software at all(even though it's still being sold at my question is, does anyone know of another program that does something similar , if not better ??? please let me know,thx in advance!!
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    EDIT: not a program. it's all web based. You can have as few as 28 hours to take a turn. But, there are people who enjoy playing in real time.
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    Thats pretty cool thanks shopharim
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    you're welcome. another good thing, most of the games appear properly on the Blazer in optimized mode (a few required wide mode).
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    I couldn't get it to work. It said I need Java on the treo

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