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    i love the program chesstiger ,but it either freezes when i enter the registration code, or it crashes instantly when i click on the icon to play it. i emailed support for the game and they informed me that alot of t650 users were reporting the same problem and that it was a bug in the phone call "dmdeleterecord" that was causing this. i did a google for this but all the references talk about datebk5 and a fix for the phone button,but nothing about this, does anyone know of a solution or work-around for this??? thx in advance!!
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    I have the same problem on my 650
    They told me to reinstall the latest version and get a new code off of them.
    Nothing changed, and now they are just ignoring my mails
    I figure its a bug that they can't fix and don't want to admit in case they get flooded with refund demands ~ but then, what do I know?
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    customer care did get back to me and said:
    "...recently some treo 650 users have reported that their device crashes or freezes when they attempt to enter their activation key....we have investigated this appears that it is due to a BUG IN THE TREO 650(also affects the tungsten t5).the bug is known as the "DmDeleteRecord bug" and you can find infomation about it by searching for this word in Google.........unfortunately Palmone has not released any patch that would fix this problem....they will most certainly release one, as the OS in your treo can be updated by software."
    so i did a search and didnt find anything useful,and palmone probably won't take the time to make a patch for a just a few people, so hopefully our only option is that a software developer who is a chess fan will right a patch....!! also what's up with chesseverywhere? it doesn't work because the developer pulled support from it,i used to like playing people from around the world on popular chess servers......there's not another wireless chess client out it??
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    Chesstiger knows about the bug, so they should provide a version with a work-around, and not just continue to sell into the market & pretending that it is all a surprise when customers complain to them. Only on the 3rd support thread I had with them did they admit that the program fails in this area, and only after I said to them "its okay, I dont want my money back, just give me the truth" that's when they opened up and stopped being pretenders.

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