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    I had the Cingular store bring over my contacts from my old sim card. Two issues:

    1. Contacts with multiple numbers were broken out separately. For example, one person with a cell and home phone now turns into two contacts.

    2. Sim phonebook information seems frozen in time.

    I am going to recreate my contacts by typing all of the over as regular Treo contacts (unless there is an easier way). How can I get rid of the old sim contacts. There is no menu that comes up to offer a delete. If I can't delete, can I default my contacts to something other than "all"?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm curious about this too. thx
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    In the Contacts app bring up the menu and go to options then click on preferences. Uncheck "Show SIM Phonebook". You can always go back and view your SIM contacts in the "SIM Book" app.
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    I can only click on the contacts icon from the all/main menu. From there the inly option I have up top is to select/see all, business, personal, quicklist, unfiled, edit categories, sim phonebook. If I hit the sim phonebook here it takes me to the sim phonebook. There are no preferences to choose from. I am on Cingluar and am wondering if this functionality has been disabled. But I can't think of a reason as to why they would even care about it.

    Still looking for an answer............
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    I am also on Cingular so you should have this function.

    In the "Contacts" app are you pressing the "menu" key (the button right above the one with the envelope and above and slightly to the left of the red power/end button)?
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    It isn't the fastest procedure, but from Contacts drop the menu and select Import From Sim to pull your contacts into the Contact book. Then you can edit and regroup phone numbers.

    Think of the SIM book as a backup of sorts, at least I do.

    It could definately be faster/easier to do..
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    Thanks for all of the input. I was looking for a menu on the screen and not an actual button. I did not even know what that button did. I am going to read over my instructions more. But both of your suggestions worked like a charm. Thanks!
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    wrong thread...sorry

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